What Happens During A Massage?

Every masseur has a personal style, a different repertoire of strokes, and their own way of covering the territory, so this may be different to any massage you have had before. Nonetheless you can just relax and enjoy the experience, and you will be welcome to give any feedback during or after the session to make sure it really works for you.

I draw on a variety of techniques and traditions, ranging from subtle energetic holding to firm physical rubdowns. I regularly receive all kinds of massage myself from other practitioners, and continue to learn from each session I give or receive.

If you haven't experienced a massage before just let your mind float as you feel the stress being massaged away.

Do I Have To Undress Completely?

You should undress as far as you feel comfortable. If need be I will work around or through your clothes. Whatever feels comfortable to you is the rule of thumb - otherwise you will not be able to relax fully. Massage ideally provides an opportunity to be undressed without shame and without fuss. Usually, after one or more sessions, you will develop a sense of trusting rapport with your masseur, and be able to savour and luxuriate in the healing and pleasurable qualities of direct skin contact.

Massage therapists are professionals who are used to treating people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I won't be judging you, but working with you to achieve a higher state of wellbeing.

Can I Talk?

You may talk as much or as little as you like. You will probably fall silent as you become more relaxed. Please speak up if you are too warm, too cold or if you prefer heavier of lighter strokes.

Sometimes there may be an issue, situation or request that you prefer to share with the masseur prior to getting on the massage couch. This is in order not to have to talk later or worry about whether to mention it and interrupt the flow of the session. However your comfort and ease are the prime factors governing whether you should speak or not and you can always talk to the masseur, whether to ask for an extra pillow or to share some response to the session.

I know when I have a massage I don't always want the same thing. Sometimes my muscles need some work and sometimes I just want to relax and unwind. This is how I work too - listening to what you want each time and aiming to provide just what you need.

NB. You should mention any medication you are taking and, if you have had any recent injury or surgery, it is important to point this out.

How Often Should I Receive A Massage?

This depends on how you feel. Once a month is quite normal or it can be an occasional treat. Listen to your body and you will feel what is right for you. For those coming regularly, i.e. at least once per month, I do offer a complimentary massage after every set of six paid sessions.


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