Want to get away from it all?

Holidays * Support During Crisis and Transitional Periods * Reconnecting to Self * Personal Process/Sexual Identity * Confidential Consultation * Massage Training * Tailor-made breaks

If you want to enhance or amplify the experience of receiving massage, you can be my guest as a single (or as a couple), combining restorative handling with some quality seaside time. If the weather is good enough, you can even have your massage session outside.

If there are any matters you want to run by me in confidence, then there is time for that over a meal or a walk, or as part of a bodywork session. Feel free to call or email me if there is anything not covered here that you would like to discuss.

I am an artist and I teach painting/self-expression/massage, and can be called upon to respond creatively to whatever ideas or excitement you might wish to share.

Exmouth is a beautiful seaside town near Exeter situated on the mouth of the estuary. There is parking in my street and I am walking distance to both bus and train services. There is a park at the end of my road and I am a short distance to the estuary , the town centre and the seafront. I also have a yard to keep bicycles safe in , and a sunny patio to relax in.

I do not have fixed rates as everything depends on length of stay and other components - basically the more you have the less it costs overall. Please donít expect a luxury en-suite venue, as what I offer is a comfortable and cosy retreat tucked up in my artistís lair and home. To give you an idea, prices start at £25 per person per night, and then I offer discounts according to length of stay and combination with classes/bodywork etc.

To benefit from discounts a minimum two night stay is necessary: Eg. A two night B&B stay with two massage sessions would cost £100 per person.

Longer stays and half board are also possible. Please, just get in touch with me, letting me know what you would like to accomplish during your time with me and I will suggest a Ďdealí whereby you get discounts for combining accommodation/massage/meals etc.

Please note that I only have one double room for guests and can accommodate either one person on their own, or two sharing at any one time.


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